Puerto Rico Week to kick-off with “Kite & Music Family Day” at the Washington Monument on July 21

Washington, D.C. – Duarte Entertainment proudly announces the inaugural Puerto Rico Week with an exciting Kite & Music Family Day on July 21st at the iconic Washington Monument. This event recreates the beloved Puerto Rican tradition of flying kites at El Morro in San Juan, offering a nostalgic and joyful experience for the Puerto Rican diaspora and the broader community in the DMV area.

“We are thrilled to bring a piece of Puerto Rican heritage to the heart of our nation’s capital,” said Luis Duarte, founder of Duarte Entertainment and producer of La Placita DMV. “This event is more than just a day of fun; it’s a heartfelt tribute to our culture, evoking the nostalgia and pride we feel for our island. We invite everyone to join us for this special family day, to fly kites as we did back home at El Morro, and to celebrate our rich cultural heritage together.”

Duarte Entertainment has a long-standing commitment to supporting local businesses, both in the DMV area and in Puerto Rico. The new partnership with Chiringas.com, a renowned company in Puerto Rico, is a testament to this dedication. Through this collaboration, attendees can select and purchase their kites online, with options for home delivery or pick-up at the event. This initiative not only enhances the event experience but also supports young entrepreneurs and showcases their talents. Duarte’s continued focus on promoting Puerto Rican businesses and local DMV enterprises has been instrumental in producing thriving community events over the years.

Kite & Music Family Day is the first  free event of Puerto Rico Week, culminating in the grand celebration at La Placita DMV on July 27th at Catholic University. While this is a free event, attendees will need to obtain a ticket for crowd control purposes. Attendees can look forward to live performances of Bomba & Plena, delicious food, arts and crafts, and a unique community gathering that mirrors the festive spirit of Puerto Rico.

Duarte Entertainment encourages families, friends, and the entire community to come and enjoy a memorable day filled with joy, music, and cultural pride at the Washington Monument, just as if we were all at El Morro in Puerto Rico.

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